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About Hakomi

Hakomi means "Who are you?" It is an experiential Psychotherapy method which follows the therapeutic principles of mindfulness, organicity, mind-body connection and integration of the whole person. It uses multi-dimentional exercises to discover the different aspects of the self. It draws from Science, Psychotherapy and Spirituality.
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Why choose Hakomi ?
• Experience bliss and joy of being alive
• Prevent/shift depression
• Uncover your limiting beliefs
• Change out of date habits
• Get unstuck 
• Create inner space
• Be happy
• Know yourself deeper.

Registered with The Hakomi Institute
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Registered with Association of Cooperative 
Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT)
"Excellence in competency-based counselling"

Hakomi Therapy and Counselling
At Connect Health, Suite 205-2786 W16th Avenue,
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6K 4M1
E info@chewnyet.com
T 604 733 4400 F 604 733 4408


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Listed in Ladies Who Launch

Chew-Nyet believes in a more connected world and it starts with the self. She created and teaches three self-discovery courses. Her work is drawn from life experiences, Hakomi principles and Yoga Yama-Niyama. She combines Western Science with Eastern wisdom in creating her course content. Her course allows for the width of the human personalities and the dept of the soul. She guides individual and group to discover, renew and integrate their belief systems.

Self Discovery Courses
• Yoga and You
• Creativity & Sexuality for Women
• Renew Yourself in One Day from the Inside Out

Who can benefit ?
Individuals outgrowing limited and outdated belief systems causing:
• Psychological  Pain
• Undefined longing in  relationships
• Stress
• Difficulties with low self-esteem, assertiveness or communication and self-defeating behaviors
• Family or relationship problems
• Challenges in recovery from childhood sexual, physical or emotional abuse
• Cultural issues

Formal Qualifications
• Ron Kurtz’s Trainings Hakomi Therapist Certificate in 2006. (USA)
• Hakomi Institute of British Columbia in 2005. (Canada)
• Certificate in Yoga Anatomy 2003. (Canada)
• Yoga Teacher Training Certificate in 2001 (Brunei, Canada)
• Combined Honours Bachelor of Science in Operational Research and Computing in 1984. (England)