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Renew yourself in One Day from the Inside Out

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Renew yourself in One Day from the Inside Out

• Emotional nourishment
• Release emotional or psychological burdens
• Experience freedom to be yourself
• Create Happiness
• Renew loving experiences
• Nurture authentic self
• Change mirror image of self
• Connect body mind
• Educate yourself about your belief systems

Flexible Class Schedule to fit you

Fee for an individual session
Intense 8 hour day $400 Indigo
Complete 6 hour day $300 Platinum
Easy 4 hour day $240 Green
Shine 2 hour day $180 Gold 

Special 1 hour $100 Pink

Initial consultation, half hour free. Please inquire for group rates.

For individual or group appointments, please call 778.988.9349 or email info@chewnyet.com

Autumnmoon Hakomi Wellness 
Suite 205 - 2786 W16th Avenue.
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6R 4M1
E info@chewnyet.com
T 778.988.9349

Course Overview
This course is designed to discover your habitual thought patterns in a multiple-dimensional way. It is simple and aims to serve your organic self. It will help you become aware and understand your present experience. 


"I am surprised that this is what I am doing to myself. I feel more free and lighter. Now I know this is what I believe in and I am changing it." G.S.

"I feel calmer and grounded. I can ask for what I need now that I know myself better. This experience has made a big difference to my attitude." M.M