Yoga and You

Yoga, which means "Union", is an ancient system of mind/body exercise and healing. It involves the practice of conscious movements into positions called "Asanas", that tone, strengthen and bring flexibility to the entire body and calm the mind. Breathing practices, relaxation and stillness are also part of the practice of this class. All levels are welcome. A modified version of a more challenging posture will always be given.

• Restore youthfulness
• Develop core strengths
• Increase morale and moods
• Create inner resources
• Detoxify the organs
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Improve focus, memory and concentration
• Improve postures and flexibility
• Slow the aging process
• Improve alignment
• Improve energy flow


Group Wednesday
1 pm to 6 pm
small group of 2-6 people $150 per 90 minutes

Friday Energizer
2 pm to 4 pm
Private Session: $ 100 per hour

Pre-Registration required

To Book Sessions Call

Connect Health, Suite 205 - W 16th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6K 4M1. E
T 604 733 4400 F 604 733 4408

Course Overview
These exercises are perfect for balancing the heart and the mind, while staying grounded in the body. They center the mind and lift the spirit. One emerges with deep relaxation and feeling restored in the body and deep connection to the heart. Each class develops the chakras, allows opening of connective tissues, alignment of structures and strengthening of the bones. Both the principles of Hakomi and Yoga are applied and practiced in these classes.

Appropriate for all levels. Modified postures are available.

Daytime classes are active and generate energy to wake up the entire body, organize the mind and align the emotion to set the tone for the day.

Evening classes are restorative and energy calming to unwind the muscles and relax the mind. The class prepares the whole human system to rest and switch off for sound sleep, repair and healing in the night.